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IGNUS, the annual socio-cultural festival of IIT Jodhpur had emerged to become the largest festival in Northwest India. It is a mesmerizing feast where diverse students from all around the country come together to compete in diverse fields of Cultural Events.Being a youth festival and aiming to channel the youth of the nation towards social issues, IGNUS has initiated a social campaign - “PRAKRITI”.

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Dazzling dance performances coupled with soulful songs; the Arts of the Mind await along with a mind for the arts. There is something, for everyone to do. To enkindle passion, to make creativity burn. hold the spark that can ignite your experience.

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Jump into the beat and grooves of entralling experience which will take you to a new world of art and culture. The actual liveliness of these upcoming events can never be expressed in words. So come join the trailblazer safari of IGNUS.

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Model United Nations (MUN) is a student simulation of the proceedings of the United Nations. Students are assigned a country to represent in one of the UN’s numerous committees with pre-set topics to debate.

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Get ready to be a part of lots of amazing games that include fun fighting in Paintball, increase your heartbeats with Speed Dating,pose with the Selfie Hunt , strategize with the game of Poker and many other fantastic events.

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A hub for all denizens and enthusiasts of Technology who believe that they can mould this world into a better place.

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