You claim you live by the beats, eh?
Then, how awesome is the ‘Campus Ambassadorship Programme’ of Ignus 2k20 is something to die for. This nationwide programme is well-known for shaping and exposing budding leaders from various colleges as efficient managers and creative beacons. Once successfully becoming a part of this elite team, the members gain an experience of a lifetime, on various fronts; be it entrepreneurial or character development.

We officially call upon for ambassador registrations to build up a team of powerful professionals who’ll help spread the word.


Putting up posters of IGNUS on
Student Notice Boards.
Using Social Media like Facebook and Instagram
to publicize IGNUS
by sharing links of events etc.
Forwarding the Mailers to their
Student Mailing List.

Why you should apply?

Apart from the mentioned incentives you get chance to:
Build and expand your network with other colleges and their Campus Ambassador.
Build your communication skills by interacting with your own college students and fellow Campus Ambassadors.


Official IGNUS certificates for all
Campus Ambassadors
Free registration and free pronite passes
for all Campus Ambassadors
during the 4 day long fest.
Free IGNUS T-shirts. And a lot of goodies and much more to the truly deserving!!

Apply Now