Technical Events

Ranging widely from Robotics to Augmented Reality, Ignus’19 is destined to make new milestones in North-western India’s elaborate history in the technical domain. Innumerable workshops to provide hands-on experience of latest cutting edge technologies, educational seminars by eminent personalities and captivating competitions, packed with adrenaline pronites are lined up for a lifelong memorable experience. The technical fiesta is promised to leave no stone unturned, be it a huge arch in your learning curve or the beats of our ravishing artist. A hub for all denizens and enthusiasts of Technology who believe that they can mould this world into a better place to be a part of.

People have always understood that flight was possible from observing birds, but it took thousands of years to actually achieve and there were many hurdles along the way. Perhaps, Gliding is the most elegant and easy way that humans can get airborne. It is an exciting way to fly, soaring on the same rising currents of air that the birds use, with no roaring engine to spoil the peace. This experience is a perfect introduction to gliding, giving you the chance to really get to grips with it.

Prizes Worth 35,000*

Balsa Glider
RC Plane

Ever fascinated by the intricacies of the universe? About how the galaxies were formed, How stars live and die, and how does all this relate to the simple laws that govern how your Cold drink cools? If the cosmic puzzle fascinates you, come challenge yourself with some of the greatest mysteries humankind has ever faced. 

Prizes Worth 6,000*


Consists of all events for automobile.

Prizes Worth 35,000*

Cad Knight
Full Throttle

Consists event for civil

Prizes Worth 10,000*

Popsicle BRIDGE

Consists events for Electronics

Prizes Worth 25,000*

Light Following Bot
Radio Frequency Controlled BOT

Comprises of exciting events in programming

Prizes Worth 25,000*

Web Craft

Robotics events comprise of various events related to creating bots for competitions.

Prizes Worth 25,000*

Line Seguidor
Tug of bots

Technical events under the science category.

Prizes Worth 73,000*

Robo Soccer
Robo War